Madonna's silver-haired daughter Lourdes Leon displays her lean physique in tiny vest

She's been set a very strong example when it comes to developing signature style.
So Madonna's unique daughter Lourdes Leon has adopted quite the wardrobe, which on Monday included low-slung jeans and a tiny vest top to show off her trim physique.
The budding musician, 18, who moved to New York to pursue music, was enjoying a laidback day in the US capital with a male friend, who she held hands with as they hit the shops in shades.
Signature style: Lourdes Leon was seen in New York with a male friend on Monday afternoon 

Lourdes - currently a student at the University of Michigan - was hard to miss with her silver hair and septum piercing, her tresses unpolished and messy at her nape.
She displayed a hint of her mother's racy personality and put her white lingerie on show in some seriously low-rise denim that she paired with an ill-fitting top.
The starlet kept it casual all the same and wore a baby blue back pack like her counterpart's as they passed through the city in trainers.
Laidback: The pair both wore backpacks and trainers with ripped denim as they passed through the city
Cute duo: While it's not been confirmed that the pair are linked, Madonna hinted in March that Lourdes had a new college boyfriend

The laidback pair walked along side by side, occasionally grabbing each other by the hand as they weaved between city dwellers. 
While it's not clear whether the boy is linked to Lourdes, her mother Madonna hinted in March that Lourdes had acquired a college boyfriend, one year her senior, and that she firmly approved of the teen. 
Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, the 56-year-old claimed: 'He came to our house two weekends ago and spent the weekend with us.   
Can't be missed: Madonna's daughter was hard to miss with silver hair and low-rise jeans, a septum piercing in her nose
Daring: She displayed a hint of her mother's racy side as she revealed her underwear in low-slung jeans

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